April 7, 2022

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Untangle the Red Tape

Untangle the Red Tape

In the last post we talked about how to bring the big-company mindset into your business and your team. This approach helps you overcome the mental obstacles that will keep you from being successful. Now we can talk about who your big fish is and what their needs are. It’s important to know about the fish you are looking for before you put a plan together. We’re also going to take a moment to talk about the potential “red tape” you may encounter along the way. The most important thing to know about your fish is their purchasing habits and procedures. There are four main things you need to work on to be successful: Responsibilities: You need to know who has influence over purchasing, who does the actual buying and who can kill a deal if they want. Get on Their List: You need to know how to get on their list of people to buy from. Your name needs to not only be on the list, but at the top of it and in as many categories as possible for the most interaction. Ask about a procurement program and what you need to do to go through the application process. Lingo: You need to learn the company’s unique language and communication methods. These could include report names, buzzwords and even the nicknames they have for their employees. Fiscal Budgets: It’s essential you know their fiscal budget, so you know exactly when they are planning their expenses for the year.

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